Data Analysist & Biostatistician

They say there are small lies, big lies and statistics. You may find statistics not a science, if you are a researcher form the other background.

As a student of medicine, psychology or some other field you may think statistics is a nightmare.

As a mathematician I find statistics as beautifull as pure theoretical topology or geometry, just more usefull in a real life problems.

As a biostatistican with 12 years of experience in oncoloy I find it absolutely powerful source of solutions in medicine.

Finally as a reseacher, after PhD and post-doc, I find it still an undiscovered ground, place of future developments and finally (really!) great FUN.

Following my favourite s-f writher Asimov: "The Most Exciting Phrase in Science Is Not ‘Eureka!’ But ‘That’s funny …’.

I took as a life mission to teach, apply and dig in biostatistics.

I always tell my students that "Everything is difficult until it becomes easy", even and especially statistics!